Frequently asked questions


What is Pullover Drive For Me?

it's an affordable yet reliable designated driver service, while the usual use cases are: - too tired to drive home after a long day at work
- had a fun night out drinking — hence unfit to drive

Do I have to make a reservation in advance?

no — you can make a driver request on-the-spot when you need it, but we do encourage reservations to be made in advance.

Where is Pullover Drive For Me available?

Pullover Drive For Me is currently being piloted at Blackout Bar & Kitchen, Kota Damansara. we are working towards making this service available at more locations in Klang Valley, in the months to come.

What are the destinations covered by Pullover Drive For Me?

we currently drive to destinations within 30KM (driving distance) from Blackout KD. requests for destinations further than 30KM are evaluated on a case-by-case basis, and are subject to driver availability.

When can I use Pullover Drive For Me?

as we pilot the Pullover Drive For Me service, it's only available on nights of Fridays and Saturdays — 10PM onwards till late.

Why should I trust Pullover with my car?

at Pullover, we strive to achieve consistency, reliability and quality in the services provided to our customers. Hence, we do screen our operations team (we call them “buddies” here at Pullover) before they join our team – with financial and criminal background checks with trusted checking companies. also, we have in place several levels of sophisticated training programs to our buddies, so that they can provide you the best level of service possible. we do keep an updated database of key personal details of our buddies, which would be brought into play IF anything goes wrong with your car or the service provided. if there are instances where any of our buddies committed a wrongdoing (such as car theft), we will be certain to cooperate with the Police to apprehend the said buddy.


Can I pay using my debit/credit card?

we apologise that we do not accept card payments for the time being. however, our team is working hard to build the payment systems so that you can enjoy a truly seamless experience with Pullover.

How do i pay for Pullover Drive For Me?

for the time being we only accept: i. cash ii. Grab & Touch n' Go e-wallet payments iii. DuitNow - payable to Pullover Technologies Sdn. Bhd. (1374796-H)

Help & Support

What do I do if my car is damaged by your staff?

If proven (with evidence) that we caused damages (major) to your vehicle, Pullover will compensate for the damages done to your vehicle via insurance claims.

What do I do if my valuables in the car are missing?

Pullover holds no responsibilities and will not be liable in the case of loss of valuables as we advice customers to not leave any valuables in the vehicle when using Pullover's service. however, when customers make a report on such an event, Pullover will conduct thorough investigation towards our operations team.

Do I need to update my Pullover account? What is required from me?

you are advised to update your Pullover account with your e-mail address and car details (especially the car plate & colour of your car).