Frequently asked questions


What is Pullover Parking?

it's an affordable yet reliable street valet parking service, where you can: - drop your car at the doorstep of your destination, and - we will send it back to your location when you want it back.

What’s the difference between Pullover and other conventional valets?

i. security - through the Pullover app, you get to know the Buddy responsible for driving and parking your car - complete with his name and photo! ii. convenience - drop your car off anywhere within our operations zone (eg. Bangsar Baru), and when you want your car back you can request for your car back at a different spot within the same operations zone. iii. price

- charges from Pullover are at least 50% lower than that of major valet operators, and charges are by hourly basis - best for short stays while you are running errands or having meetings!

How much does Pullover charge for the parking services?

RM5 per hour or part thereof. the total charges payable will be shown in the app upon your request to retrieve your car.

Can I park overnight with Pullover?

Unfortunately, we do not offer this service for the time being.

Do I have to make a parking reservation in advance?

no, but we allow in-app bookings in advance. however if customers fail to show up on the time set by the customers themselves, booking will automatically be canceled after a grace period of 5 minutes. after cancellation, customers may still make a new reservation on the spot if desired to.

Where does Pullover park my car?

We have a close working relationship with the residents of Bangsar Baru, whose private parking spaces are utilised by Pullover when those said spots are not in-use by the residents. To ensure maximum security, when in-use by Pullover the residents do not allow access to their parking spaces to anyone other than the Pullover buddies.


Why should I trust Pullover with my car?

at Pullover, we strive to achieve consistency, reliability and quality in the services provided to our customers. Hence, we do screen our operations team (we call them “buddies” here at Pullover) before they join our team – with financial and criminal background checks with trusted checking companies.
also, we have in place several levels of sophisticated training programs to our buddies, so that they can provide you the best level of service possible.
we do keep an updated database of key personal details of our buddies, which would be brought into play IF anything goes wrong with your car or the service provided.
if there are instances where any of our buddies committed a wrongdoing (such as car theft), we will be certain to cooperate with the Police to apprehend the said buddy.

Are there any risk of getting towed/tyre-clamped/getting a ticket?

no, the spaces that we are utilising are private and secure — hence police tickets, clamping, and towing of vehicle will not happen at all.

How do I know who’s my Pullover driver?

we call our drivers ‘Buddies’, each of the Pullover buddies will be wearing our Pullover uniform, and you can identify the specific person in charge of your car from the picture in the Booking details screen in the app.


How long is the average wait time?

our Buddies have been consistently arriving at our customers’ selected destinations in less than 3 minutes within the ETA of their selection. on the other hand, we managed to return our customers’ cars within 15 minutes upon request for retrieval. your wait time may vary based on factors beyond Pullover’s control such as traffic congestion.

Where do I need to drop my car?

you can drop your car anywhere within our operations zone — our aim is to allow customers to drop their cars at the doorstep of the destination. however, do take note that you should stop your car at a position where the traffic flow will not be obstructed, causing a long jam behind you.

Can I retrieve my car at a spot other than the spot that I dropped my car off?

yes, you can! we are flexible that way, as long as the retrieval spot is within the same zone (e.g. drop off at McDonald’s Bangsar, retrieve at Inside Scoop Bangsar).

Best practices while using Pullover?

Drop off:
i. make sure that you stop your car at a safe spot by the road, without blocking the traffic flow behind you. also, use the app under safe circumstances, do not get distracted by using the app while driving.
ii. do remember to remove your valuables from the car before handing your car over to our buddies in operation.

Retrieval: i. to facilitate a seamless experience, do plan ahead and order for car retrieval through our app approx. 10 minutes before your intended departure time (e.g. while dining in HK Hotpot, order for car retrieval before calling for the bill). ii. try to pay in exact change so that you can avoid instances where our staff do not have sufficient change for your payment.

What if I can’t reach my selected destination on-time?

you are advised to call the buddy to inform him that you are running late. We do not charge late fees! on the other hand, you can also call your buddy to let him know that you have arrived earlier than expected.

What if the buddy is not here on my chosen ETA?

your buddy was supposed to give you a call if he were to be late for the pick-up but if he failed to do so, you can give him a call to check on his whereabouts.

Change of booking details, cancellation policy

if you intend to change your booking time or destination, you will have to cancel the existing booking and make a new booking.


Can I pay using my debit/credit card?

we apologise that we do not accept card payments for the time being. however, our team is working hard to build the payment systems so that you can enjoy a truly seamless parking experience with Pullover.

How do i pay for my parking with Pullover?

for the time being we only accept: i. cash ii. Grab & Touch n' Go e-wallet payments

Help & Support

What do I do if my car is damaged by your staff?

If proven (with evidence) that we caused damages (major) to your vehicle, Pullover will compensate for the damages done to your vehicle via insurance claims.

What do I do if my valuables in the car are missing?

Pullover holds no responsibilities and will not be liable in the case of loss of valuables as we advice customers to not leave any valuables in the vehicle when using Pullover's service. however, when customers make a report on such an event, Pullover will conduct thorough investigation towards our operations team.

Do I need to update my Pullover account? What is required from me?

you are advised to update your Pullover account with your e-mail address and car details (especially the car plate & colour of your car).

What if I drive more than 1 car?

you need to list the details of every cars on your account if you wish to drive different cars while using Pullover's services. you may select any of the cars that you have listed on your account while making a booking in the Pullover app.

What do I do if my phone ran out of battery before I was able to retrieve my car?

i. where possible, do look for any of our buddies who are near you. they will be able to facilitate you in retrieving your car. ii. if you have a friend by your side, you can call us at +6 011 5628 3899 so that we can perform needful for you to retrieve your car. the customer helpline will also be available on our website, and in the Pullover app.