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Can't find parking?
Let us park for you.


how does it work?


Request for a buddy to park your car for you!


Input your destination, select your time & vehicle.

That's all it takes.

Before you arrive:

Our buddy will be at your destination, and will collect your car to park it at our private parking lots.


Be sure that you do not take your car keys along with you. 

When you arrive:

Request for your car's return and pick your spot.

Our buddy will deliver your car to the shop's doorstep. 

When you are leaving:

how to use our app:

product info:

  • calculated based on hours parked

  • hourly rate = RM5

  • mandatory training and tests to
    ensure competency

  • mandatory criminal and financial background checks on our drivers.

"I could have spent my time doing better things instead of wasting it on parking right now."

— anonymous

how to
Product Info

Let PULLOVER park your car,

for you.

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